The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.
The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.

Bike Racks

An important component of getting more people to get around by bike is to have effective bike parking at end-of-trip destinations.  The availability of safe and convenient parking is as critical to bicyclists as it is for motorists and yet it is frequently overlooked in the design and operation of shops, offices, schools, and other buildings.  Workplaces, apartments and condos, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, schools, and community centres should all have effective and adequate bike parking. 

Different styles and locations of bike racks are required to suit the needs of patrons or customers versus staff or residents.  For example, a customer of a hardware store would prefer a bike rack near the front door to the store which is clean, well-lit and highly visible for both convenience and security.  An employee of that hardware store, on the other hand, would prefer to lock up his or her bike in a staff bike room which is not accessible to the public, has lockers or storage for a change of clothes, and possibly a shower to clean up after a commute.

Bike Rack Rentals
EBC has temporary bike racks for rent.  They are best for community events and festivals which want to encourage attendees to bike to the event.  The racks are easy to transport, easy to set up, and one 3.25 meter rack can accomodate up to 8 bikes.

Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for pricing and to book our temporary bike racks.  Pick up and drop off the racks at our community bike shop, BikeWorks.


Types of Bike Rack
Not all commercial bike racks meet the City’s bylaw requirements.  Be sure you refer to the bylaw or the bylaw brochure for specifications.  If a rack fails to meet those requirements, it will likely be ineffective for bike parking.  A large portion of common bike racks have fundamental design failures and can’t hold bicycles securely. You’ll be wasting your money and time if you get one of these racks.

Principles of good bike rack design:

  • Works for a variety of bicycle types and sizes
  • Intuitive – how to properly lock up is obvious for cyclists
  • Supports bike frame at two points in a horizontal plane for stability
  • Minimizes tangling or damage to bikes
  • Accommodates common locks (U-Locks and cables)
  • Minimizes hazards or obstructions in pedestrian environment
  • Space efficient
  • Aesthetic
  • Well-maintenaned

Poor bike rack design with no frame support.

Principles of good bike rack location:

  • Proximate to destination/entrance
  • Allows informal surveillance (security) in well-lit area
  • Efficient footprint and minimizes obstructions for pedestrians
  • Weather protected (covered)

Short Term Bike Parking
Short term bicycle parking is usually defined as being two hours or less, such as might be necessary outside a store, or for visitors to an office building, park, or Government service center.  This type of bike parking should be:

  • conveniently located close to the main entrance
  • well distributed (i.e., it’s likely better to have four or five racks spread out along one city block rather than a group of four or five racks mid-block)
  • visible to the cyclist
  • in areas of high pedestrian activity, to discourage would-be thieves

Long Term Bike Parking
Long term parking usually suggests that the bicyclist is leaving the bike all day, or overnight, or for an even longer duration. Obviously the level of security and protection from the elements needs to be greater, but the immediate convenience of the parking facility may not be as important.

Long-term parking options include:

  • Racks in an area that is monitored by security cameras or guards
  • Racks in an enclosed, lockable room
  • Lockers, individual lockers for one or two bicycles
  • Racks or lockers in an area always visible to employees

Where to purchase bike racks




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