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What we do

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC) is a registered non-profit society and has been a leader in the Edmonton and area environmental and cycling community since 1980.

EBC promotes and facilitates cycling as everyday transportation in Edmonton by providing services and resources. Cycling is healthy, economical, and an ecologically sound mode of travel. Most of all it’s really fun!

Our organizational objectives are as follows:

  • To provide, administer and maintain a multi-use facility for Edmonton and area dedicated to providing cost-effective, do-it-yourself bike repair facilities and access to an environmentally sustainable, economical means of transportation;
  • To educate the public by providing courses, seminars and workshops about bike mechanics and/or safe and effective riding;
  • To extend services to marginalized members of the community as well as new-comers;
  • To facilitate communication between cyclists and governments or others to improve bicycle infrastructure and policy, and;
  • To assist the Edmonton community at large in the promotion, encouragement and understanding of cycling culture.

What do we do?

Download our latest brochure here.


We run BikeWorks, a fully-equipped, volunteer-run community bicycle shop.

BikeWorks holds a diversity of public workshops on topics such as:

  • basic bicycle maintenance
  • winter riding
  • studding your own tires
  • building fixed gear bikes
  • building custom bicycle lights
  • custom retroreflective clothing


Part of EBC’s mandate is to reduce the environmental impact of people moving around Edmonton. Riding a bike is one of the easiest ways to reduce your ecological footprint.

Bicycles and Parts

EBC accepts donated bicycles, parts and tires during our regular shop hours. The donations are refurbished, reused, or recycled depending on their condition. Donations take on a new life as rebuilt bikes available for purchase.

Bicycle tires

Since 2006, EBC has partnered with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority, Mountain Equipment Cooperative, and a number of bike stores in Edmonton to collect and recycle old bicycle tires and inner tubes. This initiative removes bicycle rubber from the waste stream and integrates them into current tire recycling programs.

Low-cost bicycles

We offer refurbished bicycles for sale at BikeWorks, most priced from $50 and $150.  Our goal is to see more people on bicycles!  Sizes and availability depends on donations in stock and volunteer hours, but if you’re in the market for a vintage cruiser, classic road bike or a pre-loved mountain bike, come see what we have on hand.

On-road cycling education

EBC offers nationally-certified cycling education courses and urban bike commuting courses for adults, youth and families. These courses teach people to safely and effectively in the city.  For a list of courses and presentations available, go to our On-Road Cycling Education page.


EBC has a long history of advocating to make it easier and safer to get around by bicycle in Edmonton. Our efforts - including advocacy for bike racks on buses and more multiuse trails - have resulted in real improvements for city cyclists. We continue to be involved in consultations with the City Transportation Department on the Bicycle Transportation Master Plan, and work on issues on behalf of bicycle commuters and active transportation, such as working with the City to clear multiuse trails in the winter.

EBC is the voice for bicycle commuters in Edmonton, so if there is an issue you think needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Bicycles at community events

Throughout the year, EBC runs or supports a number of events to celebrate the amazing machine that is the bicycle!  View a list of EBC’s services on the Outreach page.

Secure bicycle parking

Riding your bike is the best way to get to the numerous festivals that happen in Edmonton. You can’t enjoy your bicycle if it’s stolen, so EBC provides bike parking racks and often volunteer security staff at many festivals.

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