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$20 million for Active Transportation

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When I sent out an urgent call to action two weeks ago, EBC members and supporters responded with √©lan: I received two dozen letters to council in as many hours, even though I’d neglected to ask people to send me copies. I know that many more letters were sent; councillors were discussing among themselves the number of e-mails they were receiving regarding Active Transportation (AT), and, in several interviews, councillors mentioned the volume of AT correspondence that they’d received.

Thank you. Your ardent response paid off: this Monday, Council ammended the budget to include $20 million for Active Transportation over the next three years. We started at $0 just two weeks ago.

We can also expect an additional $2 to $3 million worth of AT infrastructure to be built each year through Neighbourhood Renewal projects, including handicap ramps, missing sidewalks and bike lanes.

The draft text of the amendments are below. In addition to sidewalks, bike racks, and bike racks on buses, you can also look forward to:

Shared-Use Paths:

  • 28 Ave (50 St to 91 St)
  • 34 Ave (91 St to 99 St)
  • 151 Ave (121 St to 127 St)
  • 50 St (90 Ave to 92 Ave)
  • NE LRT Corridor (117 Ave / 78 St to 129 Ave / 66 St)
  • Argyll Park (Top of Bank)

On-Street Bike Routes:

  • 83 Ave (97 St to 112 St)
  • 95 Ave (142 St to 189 St)
  • 100 Ave (102 St to 121 St)
  • 101 Ave (50 St to 84 St)
  • 102 Ave (111 St to 121 St)
  • 121 Ave (Victoria Trail to 77 St)
  • 127 Ave (72 St to 127 St)
  • 50 St (98 Ave to 109A Ave)
  • 79 St (76 Ave to 106 Ave)
  • 106 St (34 Ave to 51 Ave)
  • 189 St (87 Ave to 95 Ave)
  • Saddleback Road (completion of loop)

My term as president of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society ended on November 30, and the new board of directors has already begun its work, growing our organization’s voice and improving the services we provide to the community. The new board has a full plate: with a second northside shop on the horizon, renewed focus on education and programs for youth, and a push to further develop our already-strong volunteer base, EBC needs your support to continue its work.

If you haven’t renewed your membership in the past year, or you’re not yet a member, please consider joining and supporting us. You can sign-up or renew online, by mail, or in-person. For an organization of our size, your $15 or $20 a year is a significant contribution!

(If you’re not sure if you have an active membership, just e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll check for you.)

Thanks for your support through the years. See you on the new bike lanes!

Chris Chan

Capital Budget Amendments (draft):

That Capital Project Profile 12-66-1430 Active Transportation, in the amount of [$20] million, be added to the 2012-14 Capital Budget with funding from:

a. $7.333 million from funds made available due to change in funding for Walterdale Bridge
Vote: 11/1/1
Against: Tony Caterina

b. add $4 million in Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) from MSI freed up from 11-66-1412 (NW Police Campus) [leaves $4,373]
Vote: 9/3/1
Absent: Linda Sloan
Against: Jane Batty, Stephen Mandel, Tony Caterina

c. add $2.8 million Pay As You Go (PAYG) freed up from 11-66-1412 (NW Police Campus)
Vote: 9/3/1
Absent: Linda Sloan
Against: Jane Batty, Stephen Mandel, Tony Caterina

d. add $6 million PAYG from 2011 one-time from unused assessment growth and ed property tax room
Vote: 9/1/2
Absent: Linda Sloan
Against: Jane Batty, Tony Caterina

Amendments passed December 5, 2011, 5:30pm

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