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From $0 to $22M for Active Transportation??

0 comments at 1:18 pm posted by Alex H

In City Council on Friday, Councillor Don Iveson motioned to fund the Active Transportation project in the Capital Budget!  Councillor Ben Henderson seconded the motion.  It has not been voted on by Council (therefore not approved or disapproved) but it is a huge step forward in *possibly* getting some funding for bike infrastructure for the next 3 years.

They moved that:

That Capital Project Profile 12-66-1430 Active Transportation, in the amount of $22 million, be added to the 2012-14 Capital Budget with funding from: a. $7.333 million from funds made available due to change in funding for Walterdale Bridge, and b. $14,667 million from Green Trip funding.
- Capital Budget Amendments (draft)

Now, $22 million is better than the previously proposed $0 (see p.504), but EBC is still intent on getting Council to fund the full $30 million.  Bicycle infrastructure is sorely lacking in Edmonton, which encourages inexperienced cyclists to (illegally) ride on the sidewalks or simply not bike at all.

Council will vote on all the budget amendments and pass the final budget on December 9. 

WRITE, CALL, E-MAIL, TWEET or VISIT your Councillor and Mayor Mandel to say you want the Active Transportation project fully funded!


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