The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.
The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.

EBC Projects

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ has the same big dreams you do!  Help us get them up and running.  Here are a few ideas that you might be interested in helping us push for. Come out to a board meeting with a proposal and we’ll work with you to help get it going. 

Art & Bicycles

EBC’s first Artist in Residence will promote cycling and cycling culture in Edmonton by making art out of discarded bike parts or inspired by bikes. Follow their work and join in the creation of bike art.

the spoke.

the spoke. is a free program for youth, aged 12 - 17. Over the course of a 6-week program, youth participants will learn how to repair and maintain a bike, from start to finish. Each participant leaves the spoke. with their very own bicycle!

Stolen Bikes

This is a site where you can learn how to keep your bike safe from theft, as well as find resources on what to do if your bike is stolen.  You can also post information about your stolen bike, in the hopes that some honest person might spot it and return it to you.

Bike Route Blockers

This is a site for all of you Edmonton-area cyclists who come across situations where cars are blatantly breaking traffic laws in a way that endangers you and/or prevents you from cycling safely and efficiently throughout the city.

Armed with cameras, we will document the actions of those who disregard traffic laws to show that we do have legitimate concerns about our rights on the road.

Cars aren’t the only hazards in bike lanes, either. Anything on the roadway that shouldn’t be there can be an obstacle to safety and efficiency.  Gravel, potholes, glass and snow may all force you to change course in order to ensure your own safety.

Ghost Bikes

Since September 2007, members of EBC have placed Ghost Bikes at the scene of fatal accidents involving cyclists as memorials to fellow cyclists who have been killed on the streets of Edmonton.

Bikes On Buses

Multi-Modal Transportation comes to Edmonton

Bikeology & Bike Month

Bikeology – Edmonton’s Wild Ride Festival.

What is Bikeology? It is the science of how bike culture and velo-love can transform our lives and make our community stronger.

Have a bike? Come to our festival. It matters not whether you tootle through your neighbourhood, go x-country on two wheels or one, cycle tour, race in any kind of bikey race, build and ride choppers, are obsessed with fixeys, earn your living on a bike, or have a bike in your garage and are wondering what to do with it… June 24 is the ultimate day for velo-love in Edmonton and you are invited to Beaver Hills House Park at noon. Stay til 6 p.m. when we call it a day. Best of all, ITS FREE!

Visit the Bikeology festival website at

Please visit our new site at for current hours of operation.

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