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Bikeology & Bike Month

at 9:23 am posted by Rob B

Bikeology - the science of how bike culture and velo-love can transform our lives and make our community stronger - is also a fabulous festival in June and a wonderful part of Bike Month. 

If you have a bike you should come to our festival.  Heck come to every event in Bike Month.  Each year there are more things for you to do…

Trust us, it matters not whether you tootle through your neighbourhood, go x-country on two wheels or one, cycle tour, race in any kind of bikey race, build and ride choppers, are obsessed with fixeys, earn your living on a bike, or have a bike in your garage and are wondering what to do with it… June is the ultimate month for velo-love in Edmonton and you are invited to Beaver Hills House Park at noon, Saturday, June 23, 2007

Please visit our new site at for current hours of operation.

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