The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.
The information on this page is no longer up-to-date, and is retained for historical reference only. Please visit for our current website and information.


You can learn how to fix your bicycle at BikeWorks.

You don’t need to know anything about bike mechanics: our volunteer mechanics will teach you. Just drop in during our public hours: no appointments, registration, or membership is necessary. We’re open to everyone—just check the hours in the top-right.

You can buy refurbished, used bicycles at BikeWorks.  You can drop off used bikes that you no longer want at BikeWorks during our public hours (or call ahead to see if anyone’s available to receive your donation: 780-433-2453).

You can buy used bike parts at BikeWorks. You can buy a limited selection of new parts as well.

You can rent bicycle and bike trailers from BikeWorks.

We do a lot more than just run BikeWorks, though.


BikeWorks is a fully-equipped, volunteer-run community bike workshop. We have all the tools (including specialty bicycle tools) needed to repair and maintain your bicycle, and mechanics to teach you how to do it.  We also have a vast selection of used and new parts and bicycles available for purchase.

You can view a map and directions here.


Learn more about BikeWorks »

Women & Trans Only Days at BikeWorks

In an effort to make our space more inviting and inclusive, the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of each month are reserved for women and transgender persons. During these days, the shop is operated only by women and transgender persons (volunteers or staff).

Learn more about women and trans day here »

Rental Bikes

Thanks to a generous grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op, we now offer an affordable bike rental service, providing a range of second-hand mountain, road and cruiser bikes for short- to medium-term rentals.  Our rental bikes are suitable for youth or adults who are looking for a bike while in Edmonton for a weekend or a few weeks to do some commuting or recreational cycling.  They are not appropriate for racing—we do not have racing bikes.

Learn more about rental bikes, including prices »


EBC has an 8’ cargo trailers, two 5’ cargo trailer, and two BOB trailers. Members can rent any of them for $10/day or $2/hour.

Read more about renting our trailers.

Bike Racks

An important component of getting more people to get around by bike is to have effective bike parking at end-of-trip destinations.  The availability of safe and convenient parking is as critical to bicyclists as it is for motorists and yet it is frequently overlooked in the design and operation of shops, offices, schools, and other buildings.  Workplaces, apartments and condos, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, schools, and community centres should all have effective and adequate bike parking. 

Read more about bike racks »

On-Road Cycling Education

Are you interested in bicycle commuting? 

Interested in learning to ride safely and effectively in traffic? Want to start commuting by bike? Learn how here .

Mechanics’ Corner

Here are some handy sites where you can find bike help online:

  • Sheldon Brown Bicycle Technical Information -An excellent and comprehensive site from the late Sheldon Brown, especially handy for learning about older bikes
  • Park Tool -Includes information on the use of many bike specific tools as well as handy information on repair procedures

If none of those answer your questions, you can visit us!

Go to the Mechanics' Corner »

Bicycle Registry

You can register your bicycle online with us for free.  This won’t make your bike more secure. It won’t reduce the chances of it being stolen: you have to lock your bicycle correctly (even at home) to do that.

This won’t increase the chances of your bicycle being found by the police.

Having the serial number of your bicycle will increase the chance that, should the police recover your stolen bicycle, you can get it back from them.

You should keep a copy of this information on paper. We don’t promise we’ll always keep these records, though it is our full intention to keep these records indefinitely (or until you decide to remove your information). So if you do lose your paper record of your bike, you should be able to look it up here in this registry.

Click here to register your bicycle online.

Go to the bike registry »

Route Finder

Curious about the best bicycle route to get from home to work?  From the far southwest to the far northeast?  Going some place you’ve never biked before, and want some advice on paths and low-traffic roads?

Check out Bikely for some existing bike routes.

The City of Edmonton also provides free bike maps of the city, which you can use to make your own route.

Google Maps also offers a bike route finding service, which does a faily decent job.


Links to other resources online and offline.

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Please visit our new site at for current hours of operation.

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