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Under the Helmet

Creative expressions about bikes and those who ride them.

Submissions welcome!

Here, under the “Projects” folder on the EBC homepage, we have a new section called “Under the Helmet”. Poetry, artwork, non fiction and fiction, this section shows the muse’s bicycle best. If this spring finds you in a creative mood, please send us your expressions to post on this site! Enjoy!

Bicycles in Northern China

A cyclist’s perspective on bicycles while in China. Based on experiences from a trip to northern China in the Spring of 2008.

The Falling Suitcase by Robert Drinkwater

This crazy story isn’t real—it happened in a dream I had a few nights ago. EBC member Ang McCartney is in it, but before anyone gets creeped out, it isn’t a sexy dream or anything. It was just, well, you know, crazy.
It started pretty normally with me riding on the south side of Edmonton along 97th Street. The street was almost empty, as it often is, because there’s no on- or off- ramps connecting it to the Whitemud Freeway. It’s just a big wide road with warehouses and factories that’s a perfect north-south corridor for cyclists.

Jude wakes (Calamity Jude series, #1) by Molly Turnbull

Jude became awake. It wasn’t a conscious choice, certainly. The dull ache of her head and right shoulder was an irritating contrast to the bright sun on the purple wall. She wondered if she should move to relieve the pain in her shoulder and risk finding more pain elsewhere. Shift legs, brace with hand, briefly lean on the shoulder wile hips moved up, slide over and around - everything felt fine. How many times in her life had she shifted her weight to turn over in the night?
She woke fully with thoughts of outdoor fun buzzing in her head.

If Your Bike Could Talk by Keith Hallgren

I was born in England in 1955 and without even seeing the land of my birth, travelled to Canada via ship to what has now been my home for the last 53 years and I expect that someday, I will die here. Canada is a very nice country except for the fact it gets so cold in the winter we are often stuck indoors.

post-motor history by Anna Marie Sewell

what shall we do with these streets, beloved?
now that the cars are gone

Can 2008 Bicycle Save the Planet, Or is it all Just Spin? by Robert Drinkwater

Editors note:
The following is a column by the highly-esteemed automotive journalist Sandor St. Hughes. Mr. St. Hughes typically reviews luxury and sports automobiles for newspapers that subscribe to the Richmond International syndicate. However, an unfortunate “incident” at a staff party has resulted in his “promotion” to reviewing economy vehicles. As few sponsors could be found for the economy section this week, Mr. St. Hughes’ column is being supplied for free to worthy newsletters.

Darwinist reflects on the bird flipped to the December by Anna Marie Sewell

he’s in the driver’s seat
bare-midriffed girl beside him
exposing taut tanning bed belly
to heater’s blast

Hello Old Friend by Ashley Hinecker

Hello Old Friend
Ashley Hinecker
With my forehead pressed against the window, I’m dreaming of snow and white glows.
black whips past my eyes like sharp needles, bolting me from my quite sunny dreams.
“Wait! Stop!” i cry out. my dad stops the truck and i hop out, my only comment is “i think that’s one of my stolen bikes!”
i stomp towards an old black figure, snow building up on my boots making them heavy, as if trying to stop me from getting closer.
It shone in the sunny sky, but it was a hallow shine, holding memories full of pain.
i grip the handles, pushing it towards the truck.

The Great Hemp Bicycle Hoax by Robert Drinkwater

A few Saturdays ago at Bikeworks, Alex Hindle dropped by with the idea of modifying his bicycle so he could launch fireworks from it. If you do not know Alex, this may seem a little strange. But I have been on a midnight ride or two with the man, so I was hardly shocked that he wanted to combine his two favourite things, namely, two-wheeled environmentally-friendly transportation, and rockets.

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