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post-motor history by Anna Marie Sewell

at 8:43 pm posted by Molly

post-motor history

what shall we do with these streets, beloved?
now that the cars are gone

rip ‘em up barehanded and let the good soil free
grow beehives and feed them monarda and lilacs
and clover moreover, and ask them to spare us
a share of their honey exchanged for our care

grow goat herds, and comb out their coats
to make wool to knit socks to keep warm while we walk
and we ride, glide, slide at the speed of breath.

what shall we do with these streets, beloved?
now that the cars are gone

hold dances on foot, hoof and wheel
jig and reel
and the round dance
sing hey ahey ahey ahey.

cities like beehives
coiling with
more stories and laughter

more spaces for solitude
riverside breathing

elk thoroughfares
the raspberry stained
rush hour of bears

and when they ask what is was that happened here?
where grass and willow cradle asphalt bones
tell the children
only a dream

-Anna Marie Sewell-

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